Pin bars

Forex traders use a variety of candlestick patterns to make their trading decisions. Pin bars or ‘Pinnochio Bars’ are one such pattern that can be used on charts of time frames of one hour, four hours or daily charts. The term Pin Bar was first used by a technical analyst Martin Pring in his book Read More →

Understanding Support and Resistance Levels

A clear understanding of the terms support and resistance levels helps in identifying key investment levels. These levels refer to key levels on the charts that act as barriers from preventing the price of a currency or an asset either breaking above or below. The resistance levels act as a ceiling by preventing a further Read More →

Pin Bars 01

Forex price action trading as a whole should be interpreted as “getting into a position with the highest chances to make a profit”.  The market can be unpredictable, and the best we can do is to shift the odds as much as possible on our side, trying to limit losses and increase profits. There are Read More →